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What is Abortion or Pregnancy Termination?

IS the removal of an embryo or fetus before it matures  into  a baby, this can be done either surgical or Medical abortion by use of abortion pill / tablet termination. Sofi abortion pill clinic offers affordable and reliable abortion services from 500 to 1800 ZAR depending on the period of the pregnancy and method. The abortion pill or the abortion kit is very safe for home use and it comes with all the instructions For Bookings at (0658342176) (Call us).

Your preference and situation decides the kind of abortion you are suited for. With abortion pill, Its preferable because it doesn’t require much of a second hand or doctor and it is cheap. This means you can decide to have your medication or abortion pill anywhere you feel comfortable.It has no difference with going through a miscarriage therefore it’s okay to go about it by yourself or person around you.

Different Types Abortion

They are two types of pregnancy termination that can be used to terminate pregnancy in women,

1. Surgical abortion

2. Medical abortion / non-surgical abortion

Surgical abortion

It involves two different procedures which is Aspiration and Dilation & Evacuation(D&E). Aspiration is a procedure done during 6 and 16 weeks. By the use of medical instruments

Your abortion Doctor will insert instrument in to you to suck out the fetus and the placenta. The procedure doesn’t take to long but it requires a few hours for you to rest. Where as D&E they inject the embryo to make sure its dead an hour before they start the procedure, It is done after 16 weeks of pregnancy where they insert the synthetic dilator along with the cannula then the its sucks out all the dead tissue to the long tube.

Medical abortion / non-surgical abortion

How ever medical abortion it’s a procedure where medication is used to induce pregnancy, By the use of mifepristone drug (RU-486) or Cytotec best known as abortion pill / tablet. The abortion tablet / pill can’t be attained in grocer shop, the pregnant woman can acquire the abortion tablet at a healthcare center or a health practitioner like in a doctor’s / nurse’s office. Abortion clinics also provide the abortion pill since it’s a simple procedure compared to surgical abortion. It depends on the period of the pregnancy either 4 weeks 20 weeks still the abortion pill can do the job compared to surgical abortion

Abortion Pill / Tablet

What are abortion pills or tablets?

These are tablets or pills used to terminate pregnancy, You either swallow them or take the vaginally. Below are the tablets or pills we use for abortion

1. Mifeprex (mifepristone)

Also known as RU-486. Mifeprex is a pill when swallowed holds progesterone, progesterone hormone is naturally produced by the body to prepare lining of the uterus for a fertilized egg to maintain the pregnancy. The absence of progesterone affects the continuation of a pregnancy causing the lining of the uterus to loosen up leading break down and bleeding starts.

2. Cytotec / Misopristol

Cytotec can be taken in orally or vaginally. Cytotec is a drug or medication for people with ulcers, off-label it reacts with the body to terminate a pregnancy. Cytotec has got a 90 percent positive rate to deliver an abortion when used by it’s self. Cytotec operates in unique ways to induce abortion.

Where can I buy abortion pill / online tablet?

You can search for abortion clinics around your location, and you will get a lot of options. You can acquire the pill at many women health centers of which by law you need a prescription from the doctor, If you fail to get the tablet at your health center, for more information about where to buy or want price cost the online pill. Sofi abortion pill clinic is located in Johannesburg. Our doctors / nurses are trained in providing safe abortion pills.

We now have mail-order abortion pills here at Sofi Abortion Pill Clinic. You can now purchase abortion pills from where ever you are and get your abortion pill kit for home use.  We give you instructions on how to use the pills and all the support you need until the abortion is successful. The abortion kit will now associate womb cleansing pills for cleaning after the abortion all you need to do is to get on the phone and contact us, message, Call, Mail and ask for more information. Africa, Europe, Asia, America wherever you are you can still get Safe legal abortion pills or tablets.

How much is an abortion pill / tablet?

You can buy the pill / tablet online, Or visit the nearest health center around you.

At Sofi abortion pill clinic the cost and price of the abortion kit ranges from 500 Rands to 600. It also depends on the period of the pregnancy either 4 weeks or 12 weeks. Please Call / Email /Whatsapp for more information about the abortion pill and where to purchase it.

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